Pho Xe Lua

If you are  looking for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, or a fine dinning experience then Xe Lua isn’t the place for it. However, it is the perfect spot to grab a late night bite. The restaurant located on the upper level at 254 Spadina Av, is not the most appealing to the eye for first time customers – the decor is non-existent and it isn’t known for its great customer service. However, having said that it can get quite busy on a Friday and Saturday night as it is one of the few restaurants in China town that’s open until very late at night. The menu is quite broad, from Pho to rice dishes to fresh fruit drinks you can rest assured you’ll find something good to choose from. Prices are pretty affordable and the best part of all is that you can get draft beer for $2.50. Although the service is not the best (most servers barely speak english) the food always arrives within 5-10 minutes after you’ve ordered – which is a big plus! The highlight of this place is their spring rolls – seriously though! probably the best spring rolls in town – each portion brings two (quite big) crispy and warm pork spring rolls for $4.50 (item 601). The pho is quite good as well, a little heavy on the noodles but overall pretty good – the dish comes in three sizes (small $6.50, large $7.50 and extra large $10), I ordered the small and it was pretty big. The grilled pork skews  are to die for, not too spicy but just have the perfect kick – three skews go for $4.50 (item 613). However, the deep fried wontons (x6, $4.50, item 603) are not the best, the texture was rather mushy instead of crispy and they were too greasy for my taste.

Overall I love this place! it’s affordable, has plenty of options to choose from and it’s open until very late at night. For tourists and locals it’s definitely a must go restaurant.


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